Why Raise The Roof?

Why Raise My Roof?  

The benefits are endless.  Here are just some reasons why raising the roof may be the best expansion option for you.

- Get the most from your existing building.  Roof Raising maximizes your cube.

- Convert an outdated facility with low ceiling height into a modern, high volume facility.

- Have you outgrown your current location?  No need to move, raise the roof and stay put.

- Faster than the alternative method of tearing down and starting over or building outwards.

- Maximize what you can do within your buildings existing footprint.

- Cut unneeded costs.  Lower your construction and development costs.  Less regulations, less zoning restrictions and less construction taxes.

- Minimal disruption of your ongoing business.  EZ RISER can lift fully operational buildings with very minimal downtown to your business.

- Save the existing roof.  The entire roof is preserved throughout our process.

- Save the existing lighting, fire protection, plumbing, and HVAC.  When the roof is raised, everything can go up with the roof.  

- Raising the roof allows for new building uses.  Mezzanines can be added to allow for elevated storage or office space.  Higher roofs allow for more storage space and higher racking systems.

- The marketability of your existing building will skyrocket.  Increases your potential tenant market with higher ceilings and more cubic space.

- Our EZ RISER system is GREEN.  The entire building is recycled.  

- Tax benefits.  Some cities and states have benefits for repurposing outdated and under utilized buildings as well as for urban redevelopment.

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In 1976 Industrial Services Enterprises developed and patented the first commercial roof raising system in the United States in response to a client's request for more headroom in his building....
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