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Bruce Palin

Forsgate / Herrod Construction
The first project ISE did for us was a roof raise on an existing 100,000 SF building in Teterboro, NJ that we had acquired. It was very well located but only had a clear height of 12’ (it had been an industrial bakery). ISE performed a two stage lift to 30’. The building was leased shortly thereafter.

The second project was a 300,000 SF warehouse in South Brunswick, NJ and was also a very well located building. In this case adjacent to Exit 8A with visibility from the Turnpike. The building had been built in 1990 and had a clear height of 26’ which was typical for the market at that time. Since that time however warehouse technology has evolved to where it is feasible to store much higher than in traditional facilities. New buildings in this market are being built to 40’ clear height. In 2009 in order to keep our building competitive with these newer ones we made the decision to raise it. ISE performed the lift in halves, split at the expansion joint. The lift was 15’-3” (from 28’-8” at the perimeter wall to 43’-11”). This building has since been leased to a company that “fills the cube” with a high rack system throughout the warehouse.

Following the success of these two projects we have since worked with ISE to raise another Forsgate building in South Brunswick to 40’ clear height. This 225,000 SF building is currently available for lease.

Through all three projects ISE’s staff, both management and field workforce, have been a pleasure to work with. I look forward to doing more projects with them in the future.

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In 1976 Industrial Services Enterprises developed and patented the first commercial roof raising system in the United States in response to a client's request for more headroom in his building....
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