Once a roof is raised, a void is left between the existing siding and new roof-line elevation. ISE has worked closely with our partners to develop our Fast-Panel system to get your building water tight typically within a few days after lift

Modern energy codes and the need for speed, whether your building is occupied or not, are among the main reasons to utilize the Fast-Panel system. We work with you and your architect and local building code officials to create a solution to all requirements.

The Fast Panels are pre-fabricated in a controlled manufacturing facility in at least 12' sections. This occurs while we are preparing the roof to be raised. Panels are then delivered to the site the day after the roof is raised, and installation begins typically same day. Generally, the panels are set within 2 days for smaller footprints and within 5 days for larger (100K sqft+) footprints.

Fast Panels are constructed of either metal studs or horizontal girts and columns, and offer many different finish and insulation optionsWe can offer options equal to that of insulated metal panels in terms of aesthetic, or we can provide cost saving panels that suffice basic insulation and vapor barrier requirements in getting our customers water tight. The choice of finish on the interior is then up to the customer. Some options we provide are as follows


 - Corrugated PBR metal panel

 - Flatter Architectural metal Panel

 - Dens Glass and EIFS


 - Intumescent Paint (Protects the spray foam and is a fire retardant)

 - Metal liner Panel

 - Dry-Wall

But almost any option will be considered. If you have an idea, we'll Fast-Panel it.


Windows are available in our fast panels! We build them right in, no secondary vendor coming after the fact.

To learn more about Fast-Panels, contact our business development team