What size roof can be raised?

EZ RISER has raised roofs as large as 650,000 square feet and as small as 5,000 square feet.  With EZ RISER size does not matter.

How high can we raise it?

Typically roofs are raised to double or triple the existing height.  We have raised roofs from as little as one foot and raised roofs as much as 28 feet.

How much weight can we lift?

Each lifting point, can lift up to 100,000 pounds.  Our hydraulic jacks and pumps were designed so that only one lifting point is ever needed in each area.  There is never a need for multiple crib systems to be installed at each column.  Since we only need one lifting setup at each column, this can save you time and money.

How many square feet can be lifted?

The true answer to this is UNLIMITED.  We have raised buildings from 650,000 square feet to 5,000 square feet.  No matter how big or how small, EZ RISER can raise your roof.  Larger roofs (over 200,000 square feet) are typically split up into smaller lifting sections.  This allows us to complete one section of the building at a time, which in turn allows other trades access to complete their scopes of work.

How long does it take?

Roof raising is a much faster alternative than a tear down and rebuild or adding an addition. 

How do you extend the columns?

The EZ RISER system was designed without the need to extend or replace the columns. Our structural steel sleeves act as part of the lifting system and then become the permanent steel column. There is no need to remove the existing columns, install temporary lifting equipment, perform footing work, install new columns or stub posts, and then remove the temporary lifting equipment. With our system, we install the sleeves, lift the roof and then bolt the sleeves to the existing column. By removing these added steps, we can save you time and money.

Does the roof stay intact?

The entire roof structure stays intact. Roof raising does not cause damage to the roofing materials or the roof deck itself. All HVAC units, piping and anything else on the roof can remain on the roof during the lifting process.

Can a business stay operational during this process?

YES!  We understand that sometimes business needs to expand, yet temporarily closing or moving opperations is an added cost that can be avoided by using EZ RISER.  Other systems utilizing cribbing and guide wires require much more space for their installation and typically require a completely empty building.  The EZ RISER system allows for ongoing operations to continue to take place throughout the entire process.  Business only needs to temporarily close on the lifting day or days.  This temporary closure typically only lasts 1-2 days, depending on the number of feet the roof is being raised.  We offer a Pre-Fabricated Enclosure option which allows us to install the new siding enclosure within days instead of weeks after the building is lifted. This ensures that your building stays water tight, and operations can continue.

How much does roof raising cost?

Roof raising costs vary depending on the specific building in question.  Many factors such as square footage, the number of existing columns, the height required, and the chosen enclosure (siding, masonry, etc) option.  EZ RISER can provide a free and fast budget price with minimal information.  We can provide a preliminary proposal with a few added pieces of information.  The last step to a final price involves a job site survey by our experienced team.