The E-Z Riser Raising System

Existing interior vertical steel columns supporting the roof structure are cut above the finished floor, and sleeved to form or replaced with telescoping columns that lift the roof and remain as the permanent structural support.

At perimeter walls, new telescoping columns are installed, attached to existing walls or perimeter columns.

These new / modified columns are permanently connected to the existing foundation & footings and the roof steel before the building is moved. This safety feature assures that once these telescoping columns are installed, they could remain as permanent structural steel, even if the roof is never lifted.

Vertical supply lines to utilities are cut and/or extended (by others), Roof edges are separated from perimeter walls

Specialized hydraulic jacks are installed atop the lifting columns.

All jacks are activated simultaneously, lifting interior columns through their sleeves or outer tubes, and lifting the roof in 12-inch incremental staged operations. The entire roof section is lifted, along with any attached utilities intact, at a rate of approximately one foot per-hour.
E-Z Riser incorporates several safety features & redundancies in its telescoping columns & hydraulic jacks.

Each column has redundant sets of valves & its own pump, isolating any equipment malfunction to one column where it can be addressed quickly. A set of redundant safety pins installed during the lifting process limits column travel to a six inch range until pins are re-located.

As soon as the roof is lifted, or during any interim overnight periods for lifts taking more than one calendar day, temporary cabling and bracing is installed to protect the structure from any transient lateral forces until the roof can be fully re-supported.

When full height is attained, interior connections are bolted and welded; Perimeter columns are extended, creating double columns at walls for lateral wind-load stability; Re-support steel and bracing are installed as required. The newly created height is then enclosed per the client’s cosmetic direction.

The procedure is inherently safe and non-disruptive, and is routinely performed in occupied buildings while warehouse operations continue undisturbed

ISE also offers complete structural and miscellaneous steel work. Items like new HVAC supports, mezzanine steel, stairs/railings, roof access ladders, overhead door frames, lintels, bollards and even column removal or relocation can be included in our scope of work as requested.