The E-Z Riser Raising System

  ISE ironworkers separate each existing interior column at the base and install a steel box sleeve around the existing column so the load path never changes, even during the lift.  This sleeve is the new permanent structural column.

•  For columns that are in exterior walls, we weld a telescoping tube column to the existing column.  This too becomes the new permanent structural column.

•  In places where we cannot sleeve columns, due to access or shape, we use a telescoping tube column that replaces the permanent or only lift the structure temporarily until the existing column can be extended.

•  Hydraulic jacks are installed at the tops of the columns and connected to pumps. Each pump and jack set can lift 100,000 pounds.

•  We separate the roof from the exterior walls.

•  Plumbing, sprinkler pipes, and utility lines are disconnected temporarily or extended prior to the lift.

•  Everything is secured with temporary bracing and thoroughly inspected prior to "lift day".

•  On "lift day" we bring in a large crew of experienced roof raisers and lift the roof. The roof is lifted at a rate of about 1 foot per hour.  Usually, our crews are able to lift eight feet or more in one day.

•  After the roof is raised to its required height, all columns are bolted and secured, and any necessary permanent bracing is installed.

•  We then add siding to the opening created by the lift, or the masonry walls are brought up to the new height.  We offer a vast variety of enclosure options.

ISE will: 

• Provide all the engineering using licensed Professional Engineers.  Our engineers are licensed in all 50 states.

• Offer a wide variety of siding choices and colors. Options include metal siding with bats insulation, insulated metal panels, illuminated panels, fire rated panels, and our personal favorite pre-fabricated wall panels that can enclose a building in a few days.

• Offer the complete structural steel and miscellaneous steel package.  Including any new HVAC supports, mezzanine steel, stairs/railings, roof access ladders, overhead door frames, lintels, bollards and even column removal or relocation.

• Provide a structurally sound, completely enclosed, and water tight building