ISE and EZ Riser

ISE is the leader in redefining existing structures into spaces that meet our client's functional, aesthetic, or speculative needs. We do this using our patented E-Z Riser raising system.

Having invented the E-Z Riser technology, we own over 40 years of experience, & have raised more roofs than all of our "competitors" combined - it's not close. As a result, ISE is considered the leading authority on structural Roof Raising. 

What Makes Us Unique?

When we are not utilizing our EZ Riser system, ISE also operates as a structural steel fabricator and erector. This base makes us different from rigging contractors, whose only business is holding things up. 

Our solution doesn't just raise the roof,  it structurally re-supports it with steel and no down time. Given the ISE setup, all drawing, detailing, fabrication, and erection is done in house, turn key, by ISE employees. No sub contractors, no waiting months while your roof waits to be re-supported. ISE is a one stop shop, with the EZ Riser system making it possible.