In 1976 The founder of Industrial Services Enterprises, Frank Donnelly, invented and patented the first commercial roof raising system in the USA in response to a client's request for more headroom in his building.  From this humble beginning, we developed the EZ RISER raising system. We have continually improved and refined our system to make it the smoothest, fastest, and safest system for increasing space in structures. 

Others have attempted their own roof raising systems with marginal success. These other methods utilize unstable cribbing systems that jeopardize structural stability during the raising process.  They require an abundant amount of braces and guide wires that get anchored to the concrete slab, leaving behind unsightly holes and cracks in the floor slab.

Our structural sleeves and telescoping steel columns cause no damage to the existing slab and also serve as the permanent new column. We are anchored back to the existing footings/foundations while we raise, ensuring structural stability. This is the foundation of why our system has a 100% success rate. Every roof we have ever attempted to raise, we have raised. 

ISE has raised over ten million square feet of roofs in the United States, creating over one hundred million cubic feet of usable space. Our experience, longevity, and safety record remain unmatched.

Today, our design and development personnel bring over 50 years of combined roof raising experience. Every ironworker we employee is a certified welder with complete safety training in OSHA 10 and Subpart R. We bring Experience, Safety, & Success to every solution.