Here are just some reasons why raising the roof may be the best expansion option for you. 

Reduce Costs

Roof Raising has the lowest construction and development costs of any available expansion option, putting money back in your pocket -  Less regulations, less zoning restrictions and less construction taxes. Don't demo and rebuild, Raise the Roof for less!

Efficient Expansion

In addition to being economical, our system is faster than alternative methods of tearing down and starting over, or building outwards.


Get the most from your existing building.  Roof Raising maximizes your cubic area, allowing for up to three times the storage capacity.

Increase Marketability

Convert an outdated facility with a low clear height into a modern, attractive facility.  Potential of your existing building will skyrocket as your tenant market increases due to higher ceilings, better layouts, and more cubic space.


Our system creates space for uses that were never possible before. Self Storage, Trampoline Parks, Rock Climbing Gyms, or heavy duty equipment such as Tilting Rotary Furnaces are all examples of new occupants we've seen in our redefined structures

Location, Location, Location

Have your ideal site in mind, but the only available building doesn't have enough capacity? Not to worry, your options have just increased! Strategically locate anywhere.

Stay Right Where You Are

Have you outgrown your current location?  No need to move, raise the roof and stay put. You may not even need to vacate the building first!

Minimal Disruption

If you have an actively operating business, raising your roof can renovate your space with very minimal down time to your business within occupied conditions.

Avoid the Zoning Board

Local regulations and ordinances making it impossible to build a new building? Raise the roof instead and avoid the hassle!

Tax benefits

Some cities and states have benefits for re-purposing outdated and under utilized buildings as well as for urban redevelopment.


The entire roof is preserved throughout our process, in fact, save the existing lighting, fire protection, plumbing, and HVAC.  When a roof is raised, everything can go up with it. Our  system is GREEN