Here are just some reasons why raising the roof may be the best expansion option for you. 

Save Money

Roof Raising has the lowest construction and development costs of any available expansion option, putting money back in your pocket. In fact, it's possible to save the existing lighting, fire protection, plumbing, and HVAC systems. When a roof is raised, everything can go up with it.

Expand Fast

In addition to being economical, our system is faster than alternative methods of tearing down and starting over, or building outwards in both permitting and construction timelines.

Maximize Efficiently

Get the most from your existing footprint. By increasing up and not out, roof raising allows for up to 3x the amount usable space with simply a building permit. No changes in parking or zoning.

Increase Marketability

Roof Raising thrives on turning "D" and "C" class buildings into "B" class buildings. In addition to Roof Raising, we also help remove columns and/or interior walls, opening the space up to a new market.


Big box stores and small manufacturing facilities are a thing of the past. Roof Raising effectively converts vacant albatrosses like these into last mile distribution, experience destinations, or mixed use spaces where their footprint and locations now increase their value instead of hurting it.

Location, Location, Location

Have your ideal site in mind, but the only available buildings don't have enough capacity? We solve that problem too. Strategically locate anywhere by raising the roof.

No Need to Relocate

Already in that perfect location, but business is booming and you are running out of room?  No need to move, raise the roof and stay put. You might not even need to vacate the building.

Minimal Disruption

If you have an actively operating business, raising your roof can renovate your space with very minimal down time to your business within occupied conditions. 

Tax benefits

Some cities and states have benefits for re-purposing outdated and under utilized buildings as well as for urban redevelopment.


The entire roof is preserved throughout our process - Our  system is GREEN