Project Portfolio E-Z Riser Roof Raising

The EZ Riser project portfolio details current, recent, and historic roof raising projects across multiple uses & industries. Here are some examples of the spaces created underneath our raised roofs

Industrial - Our solution makes long term storage and last mile distribution possible

Retail - Some retailers require a certain clear height to enhance their user experience

Experience - Destinations like trampoline parks and rock climbing gyms require more head space

Self Storage - Three story facilities are becoming common place

Athletics - Indoor facilities can require certain clear heights to host major events like tournaments, while other facilities might find adding courts of some kind helps drive revenues higher

Manufacturing - Modern technology developed to meet demand often requires larger, taller pieces of equipment

Automotive - more and more vehicles on the road means more service, and more need to get them on lifts for repairs

Arts & Media - Certain studios call for high ceilings and large spans to properly photograph and film within the space

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