ARCO - Transwestern

A large building featuring great spacing and a taller monitor running down the center, EZR will raise this roof twice and in two sections to achieve 36' clear after raise. This unique project involves the demolition of all current perimeter walls, and the installation of new perimeter pre-cast concrete wall panels to enclose. EZR has taken on the complete structural design, including the footing work for the pre-cast panels, and will actually attach the roof back to load-bearing versions of these panels along one wall where new loading dock doors are being created.

Project Name :  ARCO - Piscataway
Location :  Piscataway, NJ
Building Square Footage :  140,000
Pre Lift Roof Height :  14'
Post Lift Roof Height :  36'
Roof Lifted :  22'
Added Cubic Feet :  3,080,000
Project Completion Date :  3-2020
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