Our EZR roof raising system combined with our structural expertise offers extensive value to multiple clients in very different industries. As experts in both roof raising and structural steel, we're uniquely positioned to design-build turnkey structural solutions for the different needs of our clients.

Our belief is that our position is on the same side of the table as the ownership, architectural, and owner's representative group instead of across, as a normal subcontractor typically would. We often serve as a prime contractor working directly for ownership, & in certain situations we also assume a construction manager's role.

Here are examples of clients and industries we have been able to help

  • Construction managers of industrial development groups, tasked with delivering taller clear heights and better column spacing for new tenants with as minimal construction costs as possible
  • Leasing departments of Retail REITS, who have a tenant lined up for a long term lease of a former big box store that has closed, or for a strip mall space that's just short of the tenant's required minimum
  • Entrepreneurs, who require the clear for their new business but have a budget they need to hold to make the dream a reality 
  • General Contractors who may be bidding a knock down and re-build, but aim to win the business with a different, unique approach like roof raising. 
  • Cold and short term storage companies, who in an unprecedented market found a great location at a great price, but need more clear height for their racks or boxes
  • Commercial real estate brokers and Architects who are tasked with getting a building  sold for their client within a certain renovation budget.
  • Self storage owners & developers, who realize a three story building with 3 times the units on their available or existing footprint pays for itself in a very short time
  • Small to medium size business owners trying to keep up with growth, who can't afford shutting down operations completely to relocate and need a faster solution than building an addition