16 Law Drive

This vacant building is being lifted and renovated by the owner to allow for a new modern manufacturing facility. The EZR team used a state of the art siding enclosure system to enable the entire building to be enclosed and water tight in ONLY THREE DAYS after the roof was raised. 

Some of the unique features of this raise were that the EZR team only lifted part of the structure rather than it all, leaving a low section and installing snow-load reinforcement for office space. Another was that a load bearing wall was completes removed, where the team was able to shore the structure for demo and then connect what was previously 2 separate structures prior to raising.

Project Name :  16 Law Drive
Location :  16 Law Drive, Fairfield NJ
Building Square Footage :  59,400
Pre Lift Roof Height :  16 ft
Post Lift Roof Height :  28 ft
Roof Lifted :  12 ft
Added Cubic Feet :  712,800
Project Completion Date :  June 2019
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