Ulta Beauty Chester NJ

Our project at 141 Rt 206 in Chester offered a unique Challenge - Successfully raise a roof that's part of an existing and fully functioning strip mall. To do pull it off, EZR had to coordinate our work perfectly with the other contractors on-site to minimize down time to operational utilities, specifically the sprinkler system. The project was a success, with sprinklers disconnected just hours before the raise, and then reconnected on the same day after the raise. 3'-4" is shorter than the typical lift, yet makes sense as the value behind it, for Ulta, was purely aesthetic. Many retailers require a minimum clear height, and our system allowed for this landlord to land a long-term lease with Ulta that they otherwise would not have been able to acquire.

Project Name :  Ulta Beauty Chester NJ
Location :  141 US Rt 206, Chester NJ
Building Square Footage :  apx. 9,000
Pre Lift Roof Height :  12'-8"
Post Lift Roof Height :  16'-0"
Roof Lifted :  3'-4"
Added Cubic Feet :  30,000
Project Completion Date :  9/2019
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